Schedule of Classes


Fall 2008 Schedule of Classes
88-page, saddle-stitched book
Six issues a year, distributed to 320,000 residents of Prince George’s County, Maryland
Prince George’s Community College

In 2008, I introduced improvements to the college’s schedule of classes, which created time and cost savings, and improved the accuracy of the college’s course listings. Taking advantage of InDesign’s capability for automation, I worked with senior designer, Mike Percy to write tagging into the book’s InDesign stylesheets. I worked with a programmer to map data fields from the college’s database to these tags. Tagging made it possible for Mike to autoformat the course schedules in a matter of minutes, where in the past it had taken weeks. In addition, the ease of formatting made it possible to correct text errors at the source (in the database). When errors were found, they were corrected in the database, a new file was created, and a clean version of the book was run. Improvements to production were also accompanied by a new cover design which featuring new campus facilities.

Role: Project management, automation design, layout redesign, cover redesign