Managing a Peer-Reviewed Journal


The Journal of the American Institute for Conservation
Moving to an Online Publication Management System
The American Institute of Conservation

This peer-reviewed journal is highly respected within the art conservation and research community. Edited and published by the American Institute for Conservation, it features articles on conservation treatments, research and case studies, as well as book reviews.

In 2011, as AIC’s Communications Director, I worked with the editor-in-chief to move author submissions and peer reviews from an email-based process to an online system. All submissions, reviews, and communications had been funneled through one person’s email box (mine), resulting in a bottleneck. The web-based system improved communication and dramatically shortened the length of time between an author’s submission and the editor’s final decision. There were also unforeseen advantages, such as an increase in the number of submissions and an uptick in the number of experts available to experts available to perform peer reviews.

Role: Project management, peer review management, vendor management, CMS management, copyediting, design, layout, and production