Lean On Me Poster


Ad for OMHU Canes
Advertising Design and Copy for a Two-Page Magazine Spread
University of Baltimore, MFA Integrated Design Program

The assignment was to find a product designed for retirees and create a two-page spread magazine ad.

Originally I wanted to create a print advertisement for a high-end fashion magazine, something along the lines of Vogue, but exclusively for seniors. There had to be one, right? Well, there WAS one, Barrie Pace; only it folded a few years back. Undeterred, I searched or blogs about fashionable retirees and discovered, Advanced Style. The website is the creation of thirty-something, Ari Seth Cohen. His blog, book, and film feature folks in their 70s, 80s, and 90s who approach their apparel as an art form. Omhu Canes is one of the advertisers on his site.

I used “Lean on Me” as a tag line, because that’s what you do with a cane. And many people of retirement age will have fond memories of Bill Wither’s 1972 song with that title. Finally, I added the copy “Cheerful canes for the fashionable walker.” If you owned one of these canes, wouldn’t you want to show it off?

Role: Concept, design, copy writing, layout (Photo credit: Antoine Bootz, 2010)