Daisy's Garden


Daisy’s Garden
Sweet Briar, Virginia

egg-tempera with oil glazes
8 in x 14 in

I grew up on the campus of Sweet Briar College in Virginia. In summer our family brought picnic lunches to the brick-walled garden at the top of Monument Hill. We’d eat sandwiches and nap on the grass. My sister and I would try to catch skinks with blue tails that lived in the crevices of the marble monuments.
At the center of the garden is a white marble angle in memory of Daisy Williams, daughter of Indiana Fletcher Williams. She who founded the college after Daisy died at the age of 16.

There were ghost stories about the statue. It supposedly screamed at midnight. As a teenager I brought a car-load of friends to the top of the hill and waited.

The garden represented my youth and Daisy’s, the past, sadness, fear and hope. In the painting I attempt to manipulate the space to evoke in a viewer feelings similar to the ones that I have always felt when in the presence of this place.